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There are no major restrictions on colors and prints but try to ignore bold, vibrant, and big prints and colors. Neutral and pastel shades can be your first choice. The top colors for this style are brown, black, grey, white, peach, ice blue, baby pink, and navy blue.

Smart casual fashion style is an interesting style for those who love to wear sophisticated clothes with some twist. It is a smart dressing style. This fashion style is less formal than office wear and smarter than sportswear. Smart casual is considered as casual wear but with some twist of smart dressing. Whenever you are confused about clothes, and styles always choose smart casuals because it is a smart dressing style and best for every single event.

Smart casual can be your dress code for the office because it is more formal than casual attire. Blazers, pencil skirts, a-line shirts, shirts, blouses, tops( that are not skin revealing), trousers, pants, jackets, ties, bows, jumpsuits, and business suits are some elements of smart casual style. Too much body-revealing dresses are not acceptble for smart casual.

What would you like to wear if you are a smart casual dresser?

A blazer and a matching pant or khakis with a formal collared shirt and optional tie are the most commonly seen business casual for men.

Sports jackets are also used in a more casual setting. For women, slacks or skirts with proper blouses/tunics with a suitable jacket constitute business casual.

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